Liquidity Events

Liquidity Events

Ten years ago Sophia found herself forced into making financial decisions on 3 million dollars that she did not have several weeks earlier. She already had a career, was a dedicated saver, and loved to travel. Retirement was still long on the horizon. After seeking advice from multiple advisors and institutions Sophia found herself feeling unsure and confused as to how best to proceed. Several months passed by and Sophia’s local banker realized that she needed a different approach and wealth advisors who could provide a holistic plan. We spent several months organizing a network of professionals to assist in implementing our plan for Sophia.

Sophia’s goals were simple but required comprehensive solutions. She wanted to dedicate a large amount of her time to traveling for charitable organizations. This will require a substantial cash flow for expenses and side trips. Sophia wants to ensure that she does not encroach on her capital and in addition requires funds to assist family and charities.

Through effective cash flow investment techniques, we produced sufficient income for Sophia with no annual tax bill over the last 10 years. Her capital has grown even though she has a lower risk tolerance. Annually she is able to provide assistance to her family and several Charities. We structured a estate plan with a Corporate executor to ensure her estate was distributed as per her wishes while minimizing potential conflicts.


• Holistic planning approach that works collaboratively with other professionals.
• Provided 140,000/yr of income with no tax.$40,000 of this was made available to family and charities.
• Established a estate plan that will be tax neutral on death.
• Created a sustainable, long term, conservative investment portfolio that will produce her needed income now and in retirement.