As a successful business owner you work hard to ensure the continued growth of your business. We apply the same dedication and innovation to helping you grow and protect your wealth.

Business Owner

Eric and Cindy are in their early 50’s, they own a brokerage firm with 3 locations in three different cities. When they came to us several years ago their business was growing and all of their efforts were used to maintain this thriving business. However since acquiring the business they had not spent much time reviewing their corporate structure or their personal financial situation.

Eric was listed as the sole shareholder even though Cindy worked in the business full time. This was not optimal for distributing income, and would pose problems during disposition or sale of the business. The Operating company held large amounts of cash well In excess of operating needs, creating a liability issue if the business was failing or sued. Other issues were that their children were now attending post secondary education and requiring funds, as well there were some complications with a partner at one of their locations.

Eric and Cindy’s accountant contacted us to put together options on restructuring, and integrating their corporate and personal “financial worlds”. Having worked with this accountant on other similar situations we were familiar with the network of professionals that would be required to implement our recommended plan. We put them in touch with Corporate Lawyer to assist in a possible reorganization.

After collaborative consultations between ourselves, the accountant, and the corporate lawyer we were able to implement changes that resulted in substantial annual tax savings, increased creditor protection, increased investment returns without an increase in risk, and lowered their management fees. Potentially the greatest benefit will not be realized until the business is sold and taxable gains will have been virtually eliminated.


• Holistic planning approach that works collaboratively with other professionals.
• Implemented changes that resulted in over $30,000 in annual savings.
• Reduced both personal and corporate risks.
• Provided peace of mind allowing the clients to stay focused on their business and relaxed in their down-time.